Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Pear Sauce


Hey – how about some bourbon with that baby?

pork with bourbon pear sauce

Lately I have been cooking up meals for my nephew, Ben, whose wife just had a sweet baby boy, and one of Ben’s faaaaaavorites is Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Pear Sauce.  As popular as this one is with catering clients, I just knew it would be the perfect “new parents” dish.

This particular sauce holds up well to freezing so it’s a great meal to make for new parents who may be too sleep deprived to cook for themselves, or anyone else who would enjoy the convenience of a quick heat-and-serve meal.  I’ll include instructions below on how to create this dish for an amazing fine dining experience at home; and how to prepare, package and serve as a frozen meal.  It’s also gluten-free without any changes necessary, and easily converted to a Paleo dish.  

And even if you don’t like pork, you’ll love this sauce over chicken.  My daughter, Ashley, (who also just had a gorgeous new baby boy and made me the most over-the-moon excited gramma in.the.world!) doesn’t like pork.  With this substitution, she can still enjoy this restaurant-worthy entree.  mis en place for pork tenderloin with bourbon pear sauce

Between you and me, I can’t stand raw pears.  But cooking with them – especially winter pears – is the best! This pear sauce is so rich, yet delicate, with a light sweetness that marries perfectly with the caramel notes of Bourbon.  The shallots, white wine vinegar and just a pinch of cayenne provide the savory finish on the palate, while butter at the end rounds out the flavors and adds a beautiful sheen to the sauce.

Even though I have taken this dish in a new direction, I was initially inspired by bon appetit‘s Pork Tenderloin with Pears and Shallots recipe.  The Boozy Chef version is similar, but is more “saucy” and flavorful with the added Bourbon and chicken stock base.  (I recommend Knorr Liquid Concentrate Chicken Base – it’s my ‘secret ingredient’ for almost everything savory.)  Plus…  this version of sauce takes a riff on traditional poached pears to create deeper notes of flavor.

As with all great cooking, it starts with mis en place – gathering all of your ingredients and setting up the workspace.

A couple of thoughts on shallots:  If you’re not sure how to properly cut and dice a shallot, here’s a great tutorial from Food52.


If you don’t have shallots, you could substitute a white onion, but I would only use a small amount.  Shallots are more mild than onions and will allow the pear flavor to shine through in the sauce – I highly recommend using them instead of alternatives.


Preparing the pork is also a really important step so here’s a quick video if you haven’t done it before.

So ENJOY and SHARE!  Let me know in the comments how your dish turns out and (please) don’t forget to post pics.


Here’s the recipe along with a printable version:

Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Pear Sauce - recipe


Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Pear Sauce - recipe2

Link to the printable version


Cheers from The Boozy Chef!

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  • D. Reply

    WOW! What a great, informative and attractive website. Love your blog! And, I love the recipes. As a home cook, I like to feel like a “real” chef from time to time, and this is definitely a dish that would help me feel like a French culinary chef. Thank you for sharing! I’ve already subscribed. Can’t wait to try out new recipes.

  • Cindy Reply

    Do you have the nutritional information available for this recipe?

    • Gail Kurpgeweit Reply

      That is a great idea, Cindy! I’ll calculate the nutritionals and add them to the recipe. Thank you for the question (which turned out to be a great suggestion). 🙂

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