bourbon peanut butter bacon burger by the boozy chef

Pigs are Flying! The Boozy Chef’s Famous Bourbon-Peanut Butter-Bacon Burger Secret Recipe is Here

Yes, it’s true.  I am finally sharing my secret recipe for Bourbon Peanut Butter Bacon Burgers.  Because it’s such a best-seller with catering and freezer meal clients, I swore I’d never share it.  But that all changed when I started working on my new freezer meal cookbook and realized:  It’s happening.  This recipe is too delicious not to share.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Last weekend I went to a party and was introduced as “the lady who makes those amazing hamburgers!” – and the one introducing me hadn’t eaten the burgers since last summer!   They may not remember my name, but everyone remembers these burgers.

Because the bacon is mixed in with the beef it has a very smoky flavor – even if it’s not cooked on the grill.  The experience is amped up with Maple-flavored Bourbon Whiskey, Worcestershire, soy and fish sauce, a touch of grated onion, fresh rosemary and heavy whipping cream.  And if you follow the cool “patty prep” techniques I’m going to share with you, the end result is a moist, tender burger that tastes phenomenal all on its own.

And then it goes over the top.  Way over.  The peanut butter sauce that goes on these burgers will have you rolling your eyes in “are-you-friggin-serious???” amazement.  With a silky texture, it marries into the bacon burger patty where bacon and peanut butter!  And not just hooking up kind of love – that bacon is putting a ring on that peanut butter’s finger!  Til the last bite do us part, kind of thing.  Seriously.  It’s that good.

So here it is.  The actual recipe – nothing held back.  You can watch the video here, or just click to print the recipe and try it at home.

A couple of notes – there are some really important techniques you’ll want to follow:

} For the onion, grate fresh onion and include the liquid.  It will add moisture to the burger.  And you don’t want too much onion – just what the recipe calls for.  We aren’t making meatloaf here.  🙂  The onion is added for flavor and moisture, so dried onion flakes just won’t get the job done.

} When forming the burger patties, create a “thumbprint” in the center – you can see this technique demonstrated in the video.  This technique prevents your burgers from overcooking on the outside while getting the inside to a safe temperature.

} Always refrigerate the patties for at least an hour before cooking – this allows the flavors to marry together – and then bring the patties back to room temperature before cooking.  Super important.  Cold burgers make overcooked burgers.

} If your burger patties aren’t holding together well on the grill, add another egg or a few bread crumbs to the mixture.   Because of variations in fat levels in beef and bacon, sometimes this slight alteration to the recipe is needed.

So I hope you enjoy this recipe – I’d love to hear from you so please comment and share!



Click here for a PRINTABLE RECIPE

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Click here for a PRINTABLE RECIPE

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