Recipe & Menu Development

The Boozy Chef provides custom recipe development services for personal, public or commercial use.

Home-style recipes for personal use:Macadamia Crusted Halibut w Raspberry Sauce

These recipes are created for use by the typical non-professional home cook with detailed instructions, measurements and nutritional information.  These recipes may be published by the customer with Gail Kurpgeweit/TheBoozy Chef as a guest or ghost writer for the following publications:

  • Blog or magazine articles
  • Cookbooks
  • Health and fitness eating programs
  • Recipe sharing websites
  • And more!

Commercial-grade formulas:

These recipes are written for the professional culinary environment including manufacturing, catering and restaurants.  Recipes can be written for batches from 1 to 10,000 servings with full nutritional and ingredient information to meet FDA labeling requirements.Packaged Baked Goods & Meals

For manufacturing applications, formulas are written to coordinate with each phase of production to protect quality and ensure efficiency.  Services also include on-site consulting and training to ensure applicable procedures are being followed to deliver a consistently high quality, safe product.

For more information regarding custom recipe development services, please
email Gail Kurpgeweit at or visit our website at TasteofAmazing.